Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Potpourri for $500, Alex

Lots to cover today. First, some words of wisdom from our old friend Ed Cayce. Got this in the inbox this morning:

There is progress whether ye are going forward or backward! The thing is to move! - Edgar Cayce Reading 3027-2

It's a nice thing to know when I think I'm in the wrong direction, I'm at least going somewhere. Right now I feel as though I'm being pulled to different places but I'm stuck in indecision. More about that later. Right now, the rest of my week.

Brought to you by the letter R

Rejection from Harlequin books. I sulked, I ate chocolate, I cranked up "Far Cry" on the drive home. I'm okay now. I can get back on, I can get back on...

How the other half edits

Lately I am the one on the editor's side of the table, noting corrections and suggestions for an author. In fact, I just finished the first round of Jude Mason's Fertile Domain, a spicy futuristic set in a "domme" dominated world, where men must fight for the privilege to reproduce. It's hot.

A few nights ago, though, I got to take the hot seat when my editor at Loose-ID, Jana, sent back the first round for Excitable Gals. Many good points made on the story, and I have to admit I'm surprised I didn't think of some of things she had brought to light, especially since these stories have appeared elsewhere. So I nipped here, tucked there, and expanded somewhere else. The omnibus looks like it will end close to 27K words, which is a pretty good number for me. I've turned in the cover art, so I'm looking forward to seeing what will grace my website soon.

Speaking of websites, I have decided to further brand my Dareville series by having a separate website created. Rather than do it myself - it would never get done - I hired on a design firm to tackle the project. More news on that as it comes.

Buy a book, mister?

The Collingswood festival was a nice day. We were fortunate enough to get booth space next to our friends Stella Price, Cat Johnson, and Tilly Greene, who are also Phaze authors. Phaze did a modest business at the book fair - we sold more books than received odd looks at the banner advertising our erotic romance. I hadn't realized when I signed on for this that the fair would be so huge - booths took up several blocks of the town's main street, people everywhere. The experience overwhelmed me, to say the least, probably because I manned the booth pretty much alone. Though, my neighbors did pop in to watch the place while I used the bathroom. Definitely, I would like to come back next, and I'll bring friends.

Did you hear about so-and-so doing this to that?

Gossip abounds in romance blogdom, this time about eBook distribution. I know quite a bit about what is going on, but am trying to lay low for a while. The decisions I make in the near future may or may not impact others in a good way, and I want those decisions to be good ones. That means time in the thinking chair for me. If you've been reading around you know what I'm talking about.

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