Friday, October 3, 2008

Off to Jersey! Where's Geddy?

If you are in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area, be sure to come to the Collingswood Book Festival in Collingswood, New Jersey. The fun starts at 9AM on Saturday, October 4, and all through the afternoon. Phaze Books will have a booth, offering a wide selection of our print titles for sales...with a few discounted items. Perfect for early Christmas shopping or to treat yourself to a sizzline erotic romance to keep you warm for the long winter ahead. :)

Please visit the official site of the Collingswood Book Festival to learn more and to get directions. See you there! I will be manning the Phaze booth and will have my Mundania title, Pithed, and all of Leigh's prints for sale and signing. There are also a few Phaze authors who have their own spots for the event - Stella Price, I know for one. I think Cat Johnson and Tilly Greene will be there, too. Promises to be a fun day.

This being Geddy Friday, I thought I'd share this wonderful story about Rush granting a Make-A-Wish wish. Just a sweet story, and probably one of the first times I've seen the whole band in a meet and greet picture. Take Kleenex with you.

And a nice pic to get me through the loooong drive there and back.

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