Sunday, October 5, 2008

Next I'll be riding a nuclear bomb and waving a cowboy hat

I admit it, I love the Rocky movies. Okay, I loved the first four. I never saw Rocky V (which most fans have discredited, I understand, and insist It. Was. All. A. Dream.) and have yet to see Rocky Balboa, but there's something about these series that keeps the remote set to the Spike Network when they're not running another Bond marathon. The first one, especially, always finds me in tears at the end, because it reveals its true self as a love story. Yes, the movie revolves around boxing, and the whole rise of the underdog theme, but what happens at the end? It isn't about winning the match, or winning the adoration of fans, it's just Rocky and Adrian in the ring when she says "I love you." There is the true victory.

So this time when we went to Philly after the Collingswood Book Festival (more on that in a bit) I made sure to take home my souvenir:

And yes, I ran up the steps of the museum, too. I'm such a dork, but I wasn't the only one doing it. Seems to be a rite of passage among tourists to recreate that iconic scene in the first movie. One more thing to cross off life's to-do list.

I think it's an appropriate pic for October, considering this is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we need to KO it pronto. Hey, did you know Phaze is doing a For the Cure giveaway?

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Scott said...

"Next I'll be riding a nuclear bomb and waving a cowboy hat."

Boy, I'd love to see that :P