Monday, October 13, 2008

It's Gaylactic! The Healing shortlisted.

Just found out, courtesy a Google alert, that The Healing was shortlisted for the Short Fiction award at the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards last weekend! Many Phaze titles have been nominated for the Spectrums over the last years, but I believe this is the first time we made a finalist roster. I am beyond chuffed to hear this. Hearing this news, along with something else I hope to share in the near future, really buoyed my spirits. That one of the judges of the awards paid a nice general compliment of the shorts on his LiveJournal is a plus, too.

So congrats to the winners and my fellow shortlisters (list from andyhat's LJ):

Winner: "Ever So Much More Than Twenty" by Joshua Lewis (So Fey)


I had planned for ages the prequel to The Healing, which would have told the story of Julian and Dan's meeting and coming together as a musical act. Of course, life got in the way of those plans. Perhaps that is something I will revisit soon.

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