Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm November's Book Club Pick!

Now it can be told: Dare to Dream is the November Book Club selection at All Romance eBooks! Have to tell you, I was dead shocked when I got the e-mail with the good news. Considering that the past selections this year have included titles by Debbie Macomber, Bianca D'Arc, and Lynne Connolly, I feel honored to be included among the great titles chosen by ARe. When I sent the work in I was curious if DTD had a shot, considering it is the fourth in a series. But it is written to somewhat stand alone (you don't have to do too much research to enjoy it), and hopefully this pick will generate some backlist interest as well.

This is the third Phaze title to be picked, the other two being Sammie Jo Moresca's wonderful Smolder and Sarah Winn's delightful For Old Times' Sake.

So thank you, ARe, for the honor. I'll be happy to chat with readers at the Book Club on November 20. Thank you, Debi, for the awesome cover, and thank you, Denise, for your editing skill, and thank you, Loukie, for your eagle-eye proofing.

You don't know what this means to me. There was a time I thought this book wouldn't be written, because of the increase in my workload and my parenting duties. I came to write DTD following a massive case of writer's block and depression. I sat in the library of the A.R.E. writing this story in spiral notebooks, then transcribing everything to the computer. How weird is that - writing the book at the A.R.E. to be chosen by ARe? This book saved my sanity, in a way, and from this I've written Daringly Delicious and outlined two follow-up stories. Just goes to show when you dare to dream, good things happen!


krispykreme said...

Having listened to you, through the time this was being written, yes, it was a major part of your comeback, in more ways than one. The one, little, victory each week, when you put words to paper pushed you, in ways medications, therapy and all the support I could muster, would not. You may wear lots of hats in your life, lots of roles, but you're a writer, Kat. I'm proud you dug yourself out of that deep, dark, hole you were in, and back into the land of the living. (enough Rush references there? :P)

Michelle Houston said...

Congrats Leigh!

Sherry Morris said...

Huge Congratulations, Leigh!

I remember you telling me how hard it was for you to write this one. Perhaps that's why it was must be brimming with emotion.

Enjoy :)