Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Today's Chocolate

I've been ready for something new for a while now. The past weeks have seen me whittling down the opened bars I've blogged about already, so there would be nothing susceptible to tempering while I was away. This Vosges Black Pearl bar has been taunting me for some time, time to break it open.

It breaks immediately, with a satisfying snap, to the aroma of ginger. This is a dark bar (55%) with wasabi, black sesame seeds, and ginger. Very oriental in taste, smooth but for the occasional seed bump (haha). The wasabi comes as a mild finish, so don't expect to gasp for water after this treat. The spiciness of the flavors, which complement each other well in sushi, enhance the slight sweetness of the chocolate. Were this a high percentage of cacao, I'd wonder if the combination would work. Not sure what wine should pair with one, maybe a bold red with peppery overtones.

I need to think of a chocolate gift to give away when Daringly Delicious is released. Something beside Lindt truffles, which I do all the time. Don't know how a wasabi bar would work. :)

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