Monday, September 22, 2008

This site isn't big enough for all of us

I swear, if I decided to writer another series you all have permission to kick my ass. As if the series isn't already doing that.

Since the release of Daringly Delicious, it's taken me a week to update my home page. It's been that nuts around here. In looking at the design, I've decided I hate it again and wish to revise. However, the desire to separate the Dareville books from my other works led me to the decision to hire the services of a web designer to create a "town" website for the series. I have planned to write up a short "Guide to Dareville" which I will use as promo for conferences. Similar to Jaid Black's guide to Trek, only I will try to make it look like an actual tourist guide with photos and everything. The planned website will be a companion.

So, since it's a given that Dareville will continue, I took some time today to finally chart out timelines and character maps for continuity. Remember, when I wrote Truth or Dare I didn't think I'd get this far. Seven titles later, with at least five on the way, and I'm surprised how much information I have been able to retain! For example, check out the timeline. Click to see a larger image:

If you've read Sue Grafton's Kinsey series, you'll note in one of the introductions Sue explains that all the stories run in continuous timeline, rather than one story taking place in a different year. This is how Kinsey is able to get from A to Z without turning 100. So while books were coming out in the 90s, Kinsey was solving crimes in the 80s still. The cases were one right after the other, get it?

So it is with Dareville. The action is continuous, though the books aren't necessarily so. In spot-checking older works, I found I had been vague about specific times, so perhaps there won't be too many continuity issues going forward. If I can just keep everybody's eye and hair color straight I should be fine.

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