Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Riddle me this, George Lucas...

How is it that Luke Skywalker had the ability to levitate C-3PO on a wicker chair but couldn't use the Force to untie his own damn hands to thwart the Ewoks? Yes, I watched Jedi for the millionth time on Spike last night, to think it only took me 25 years to catch that plot hole. Next week I'll be looking for Reeboks on the Titanic. Will I succeed? Tune in later.

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krispykreme said...

1. Jedi powers are best used as parlor tricks. In real situations, just run and shoot like hell. If you're close enough use, your light saber. That gets the chicks every time.

2. Jedi spirituality is pretty much centered on doing things right, or doing the right thing, but almost never at the same time.

3. When dealing with savage natives, always keep some shiny stuff in your back pocket (or a nice, shiny, golden-god droid if you've got one) This may be the difference between you being offered something in return or being roasted on a spit.

Have a great day Kat! You know I never thought of that plot hole before, lol!