Friday, September 19, 2008

Let's get RAW!

...about food.

I am always telling myself, I have to do something about the way I eat. To my memory, at least two people have pointed out my eating habits need improvement. My osteopath informed me that if I didn't start drinking more water, I'd be on dialysis in five years. I might look okay on the outside, the inside needs work.

You'd think, since I work at a place dedicated to holistic health, I'd have leaped on the bandwagon sooner. It can be a challenge, though, to eat good stuff on a nutty schedule. With a finicky child and husband who works late, I often take convenience over quality. I'd like to bring them together.

At the Heritage store today I noticed they have expanded their selection of raw foods to include ready made lunches. Awesome Foods is such a perveyor of foods made without sugar alcohols and artificial crap. I decided to pick up their gluten-free, vegan burrito, a spicy flax meal concoction that actually tastes like refried beans. I was actually shocked to check the ingredients to see no beans at all. The organic tomato wrap is a bit chewier than a regular tortilla, but on the whole it made for nice small lunch.

For dessert, I opted not for the raw chocolate I've enjoyed before, but a ginger spice cookie from Gimme Good Stuff. Texture and shape wise, it resembles a cake of packed chewing tobacco, but the taste isn't too bad. Don't expect a gingerbread flavor when biting into this cake-like cookie, but you'll get a hint of dates and raisin which I presume are there to provide the sweetness. It's a heavy snack, too. I couldn't finish mine.

If I cheated at this meal today, it would have to be with the Bossa Nova Acai Juice. I love this stuff, but I don't buy it often because it's damned expensive. I'm surprised gas prices haven't driven up the cost, especially since I see this stuff is bottled in L.A. and not the wild jungles of the Amazon.

So do I feel any better? Too soon to tell just yet, but I would like to experiment with at least one raw meal a day a few times a week to see if it does make a difference. Only obstacle - cost. Everything I bought, plus a bag of flax crackers for later, set me back twenty dollars. Raw is good, but it ain't necessarily cheap.

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Alessia Brio said...

I don't go raw as much as I go "single" (i.e., one-ingredient) about 90% of the time.

Read something somewhere that said you should never eat (or cook with) anything with more than 3 ingredients on the label.

Doing so cuts out most of the nasty additives and trans fats so prevalent in Americans' diets.

The water makes a BIG difference, too. 3 liters daily, minimum.