Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How do you like it, how do you like it?

Here is the full wrap of the upcoming More, More, More print collection of BBW erotic romance, of which Daringly Delicious is one of four wonderful stories. Debi Lewis outdid herself on this cover - I definitely think it's one of the best concept covers we have. I had the idea for what I wanted and she ran with the ball. Though all four stories are available (or will be available) in eBook, I'm sorely tempted to publish an e-version of this so MMM can have a shot at the QUASAR and Covey awards. We have on occasion created e-versions of our print omnibuses, usually when reader demand calls for it. Diet Another Day and Devil's Night were two strong e-titles for Phaze, and I'm hoping lightning strikes again for Daringly Delicious and Christmas Cake. BBW fiction seems to be a strong draw for our readers, and as this is our first collection of solely BBW titles I would like to see this title do well.

Yes, the title comes from the Andrea True Connection song. I'd consulted with Sammie Jo for a while on this one. I have to admit, finding an appropriate title/cover for this collection proved to be a challenge. We'd tested every combination of big, love, and curve until one day this damn song just popped into my head. I think it's a good fit - subtle imagery that defines the overall theme. The larger, hourglass polish bottle is opened, representing that more attention is given to it than the other, smaller bottles. It's red and wild, signifying a woman's willingness to go wild.

I've bought into an RT with All Romance eBooks for December. Hopefully I'll get picked in the book lotto so I can send it in for review. If not, I might try a solo ad to showcase Dare to Dream and this one. I just love this cover. It needs to be seen!

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