Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hop in my Chrysler, I'm a big as a whale...

I do recognize as we grow older our ambitions change. When I was six I wanted to be President when I grew up. When I was eight, I wanted to be Princess Leia. When I fourteen I wanted Lewis Grizzard's job when he retired. These days, I'm back to Princess Leia, but in college it was Kate Pierson all the way. The skyscraper wig, the hourglass figure, the high pitch voice that Vulcans can hear from home. Having bought Funplex for the ride to Atlanta this weekend, I'm close to switching again.

I am cursed when it comes to the B-52's - they and I are clearly never destined to cross paths. When I was a gawky kid in Jacksonville, Florida, they were an ultra-cool band in Athens, Georgia. When I lived in Athens, they were anywhere else. Three times I've had opportunities to see them live, and three times some fickle of finger of fate poked me, and not in the fun way. This weekend they played the American Festival of Music here at the beach. Where was I? Atlanta. Feh.

But I do like this new album. I find it very reminiscent of their older work, maybe a heavier Whammy and a definite improvement from Good Stuff. I haven't read any reviews for Funplex, so I'm not sure if there's been criticism that perhaps the band hasn't "grown" by offering a different sound more compatible with age. I say, who cares? Sure, some of their songs are veiled social commentary (Channel Z), but this is not U2. You think of the B-52's, you think about having a good time. I'm glad the good times are back.

If I could just get to an actual good time where the band is.

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krispykreme said...

Stop! I cannot just let this pass without comment. You are not "big as a whale." :)