Friday, September 5, 2008

Geddy Lee L'Orange Friday

Looks to be a wet one, and unfortunately not in the naughty way. We're supposed to get rain from Hanna, and possibly worse from Ike, but so far it's looks okay outside. I'm just dreading the commute to preschool and back in inclement weather. Would stink, too, for a hurricane to pass over a weekend. It means work doesn't get shut down.

Today's chocolate was a small bar of Endangered Species dark (70%) with orange. I have to admit, this one didn't grab me as much as their deep forest mint bar. The orange flavor, while there, just didn't have the flavorful presence I'd expected after having sampled other varieties from this brand. The bar had a nice snap despite appeared a bit tempered, so I don't know if that had anything to do with it. With the pending release of Daringly Delicious in a few weeks, I'd considered a gift of some of these bars, or a pack of New Tree chocolates which come in a nice variety pack. Still deciding, keep an eye on The Romance Studio because I think I will do the contest through them.

If the weather holds up, I'm off to get decorations for the upcoming Collingswood Book Festival in New Jersey, first weekend of October. Phaze has a table and a tent, just need to make it look attractive. Some titles will be discounted (a few of mine), and we'll be offering plenty of candy so stop by if you're around.

What else? Not too much going on, just glad to be home for a weekend for once, even if a storm is coming.

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