Thursday, August 14, 2008

Will Edit For Chocolate

Received a nice early birthday gift from my publisher today: an elegant assortment of Charles Chocolate truffles and caramels. Now, up until this point The Stash has only consisted of bars, because they are easy to store, though I've toyed with keeping a few truffles around for late night wine snacks. The Royal Chocolate, a shop near me, sells Joseph Schmidts, and of course you can get Godivas at most shops. I hadn't realized Charles made them too until the package arrived.

It's beautiful. It looks almost like a jewelry box from Tiffany's. Definitely a keeper for trinkets. Mine isn't exactly like the one in the picture. I got a box of flavored truffles, the caramels, and the "classic" collection, which consists of the hearts and butterflies in the lower part of the pic. Some are filled, some are solid, and there's no guide like Whitman's has. So every bite is going to be an adventure.

I sampled a truffle first, which had the flavor of lavender. The dark ganache shell crackled easily and meshed nicely with the truffle center. These are small, too, about quarter-sized and a thumbnail wide. I'll just have to be careful not to overdo it.

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