Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What's Cooking

The contracts for Excitable Gals go in the mail this afternoon. The supplmental info (cover art questionnaire, marketing information) goes out after that. I've only realized how long it's been since I've actually had to do this sort of thing for myself rather than for other authors, and it's exciting.

I'm contemplating four different projects at once: the next Dareville novella, my next Loose Id submission, and two mysteries that are coated with dust. Not sure what I should do first, and I still have edits for coming works on the front burner! It's nice to be busy again, but you'd think the clock would expand to include more numbers to go with the workload.

As for Phaze, I'm excited about this week's releases. Dreams of Death is another stunning vampire short by Myc Black and Shayne Carmichael, and timely given Myc is recovering from an illness. Hopefully good sales will cheer both authors. The Best Laid Plans is not our first early 20th century work, but I think it's our first M/M, and Jade Falconer has delivered another winner.

And Eliza Gayle's third Pentacles of Magick book is out: The Healing. Hmm, wonder why I like that name? Well, this is a hot one, a keeper if you like MFM menage with a little M/M action on the side. Pirate's Booty by Teresa Noelle Roberts is sentimentally sexy, a story within a story to please fans of historical and contemporary. All in all, another good week for us.

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