Friday, August 22, 2008

Today's Chocolate

At the Heritage Store today I came across the Gnosis Chocolate Cashew Goji Cherry bar. Organic, raw, expensive. Yet, the notion of raw chocolate intrigued me enough to give it a try.

First point of interest, it is sold refrigerated, and I soon discovered why. As this is chocolate in its purest form (just cacao beans and cocoa butter), it melts almost immediately at the touch. I broke the thick 2.5 oz bar in two to detect a snap and while there was one, it wasn't as pronounced as one would hear from a gourmet dark. The bar is loaded, too, with whole dried berries and cashew bits. It resembles a Chunky bar in that respect, but be prepared for a taste more similar to a smooth, chocolate CLIF bar. There is no sugar or milk to fortify the chocolate, so the bar provides a natural cacao flavor unlike any traditional brand. Not bitter like a 100% cacao baking bar, just...different. No aftertaste lingers, either.

Do I like it? It's pretty good, but at nearly nine bucks a bar this unfortunately cannot become a regular habit. Still, it is chocolate for a worthy cause, two if you count your health.

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