Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today's Chocolate

Been a while since I've done something new. I pretty much behaved myself chocolate-wise while on vacation (imagine that) but did break into a new Moonstruck Dark Chocolate bar while at one of the wineries. Today, though, I finally cracked into the Kshocolat Honeycomb and Vanilla milk bar. The scent is divine (can something smell creamy?) and gives off an additional hint of lavender mixed with the deep honey aroma. That's my perspective anyway, and I don't have any lavender in The Stash right now.

The texture isn't shiny, offering a dull sheen I've seen with most traditional milk bars. This bar is sectioned into eight pillows, each stamped with the image of a cacao pod.

The first bite slightly crunched, so I got the immediate flavor of the honeycomb, and was it sweet! Allowing it to linger on my tongue for a few second brought out the intensity of the honey and the mild undertone of vanilla, almost overpowering the taste of the chocolate. Aftertaste is clean, but I was left feeling thirsty. Suggested serving size for this nearly three ounce bar is half, but I doubt I could even eat that much in one sitting. Looking forward to trying the other Scottish bar we bought in DC.

Also, got an early birthday gift: a box of Charles Chocolate truffles. Yummy! Can't wait to dive into those.

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