Friday, August 1, 2008

Put all your Geddys and chocolate in the bag and nobody gets hurt

My best friend took his family to Hershey last weekend. The kids enjoyed a craft workshop at the nearby Crayola factory on the way up and made paper bag puppets. So did my friend? Look familiar? The nose isn't quite right, but the Fenderjazz is startingly accurate.

Still waiting on those DC pix to come up. I'd post more but I'm a bit jazzed myself about being 2.5 hours away from my vacation. Part of it will be working, as I'm heading up to the Hanover Book Festival tomorrow to sign copies of Pithed and Saints Preserve Us. As this is a family event, the hot stuff was extremely discouraged, but I might sneak in a few bookmarks if I can. I'm going to the party store tonight to stock up on frogs for my table display. There's a contest for the best one. I hope the prize is a book contract.

A co-worker recently returned from Europe and brought back a bag of mini-chocolates from Choco-diffusion. It was an assortment of four flavors - milk, hazelnut, dark, and "Gianduja," which also has hazelnut flavoring. So naturally I sampled one of each - all together it's about the size equivalent of a small Ghirardelli square. The tastes are very similar to Ritter Sport - the milk has a creamy consistency and texture, the Noisette Haselnuss has that familiar nutty zing to it, while the Gianduja maintains a more powerful hazelnut taste without the nut bits of the other candy. It's almost like a milk-chocolate Nutella. The dark has a mild snap to it (but I'll take into consideration that these candies have traveled), and offers a mild coconut finish. I'll have to make a trip to Europe soon. Wait, I am. More on that later.

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