Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm 37, I'm not OLD!

Well, I can't just call you man.

You could say Dennis.

And you know how the rest of that goes.

Today I turned 37. Not a bad place to be, but already not my favorite. It might have been the side view of myself as we passed our reflections in one restaurant en route to the next. I don't get it. I'm drinking half my weight in ounces of water, and it's not liking I'm forking down everything in sight. Why does it stay stuck to my ass? Jeez.

It wasn't all bad. I got presents. Well, I got Vista, but I suppose I'll learn acceptance and patience later. I did get some neat stuff, however. I mentioned the box of Charles chocolates from my publisher earlier. Here's what else I am enjoying:

My best friend made some limoncello and bottled a special "vintage" for me. In case you can't read the label:

Geddy Lee-mon-cello / Cask of '43 edition (Caress of Steel reference, get the album)

From Rich, my artist friend, whom I hope to hire for my next cover. I am called Soddy on our Rush board (long story). If only this were true.

And a genuine Signals tour shirt from '82-'83, in amazing condition. I was too young for this tour, and wasn't really into Rush then. Maybe if I can perfect that remote viewing I can go back in time as well.

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krispykreme said...

Again, Happy Birthday Kat!

It is always so nice to read your thoughts here. Enjoy everything and try to remember that you've done quite a bit with your life in 37 years. Easy on the Limoncello, its a bit stronger than the stuff you can buy!