Thursday, August 14, 2008

Go into the light, Carol Ann....

We're already looking into 2010 for new books. Yes, the world moves that quickly. So far we have at least one Coming Together anthology planned. It will be called Into the Light and will benefit V-Day, which works to prevent domestic abuse. You can check out the guidelines at the official Coming Together site.

At Last, our interracial CT volume, will now be two volumes and will feature an introduction from L.A. Banks. We were so amazed by the response from authors on this project, and are grateful to all of them for their time and talent. I really had hope to write a Dareville piece for that book, but time got away from me. So I might set my sights on the light, as it were, and try to connect Dareville to the CT theme - revelations and secrets. A challenge, since so little is secret in Dareville. It's all sort of out there. :)

Speaking of, Daringly Delicious is still hovering at the finish line. I can't seem to find two seconds to write for myself. Once again last night we had a potty training setback, and it's really getting me down. Little One is almost four and still sh*tting herself (no other way to put it). She is aware of when she has to go, and she is adamant about not sitting on the pot to do it. I have sat with her, offered her bribes, yelled, praised, screamed, cried, begged...nothing. Once I sat with her for 30 minutes while she sat on her little pot, waiting for her to go. Two minutes after I gave up...right in her pants. I feel as though I'm played for a fool, and it's not helping my relationship with hubby. I just don't what to do.

If only I could write that answer as easily as I write blogs.

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krispykreme said...

Given this very frustrating night last night with little one, its understandable the way you feel. Someday you'll solve it, and when you do, you'll post it here and it will help someone else. The frustration will be a distant memory soon enough. Hugs, light and peace your way today.