Saturday, August 16, 2008


What a week. We're welcoming new friends, saying goodbye to others. New directions in writing and important decisions to make. Best way to reveal everything, I suppose, is to start at the beginning. When I get to the end, I'll stop.

First off, I received an offer on Excitable Gals from Loose-ID. After conferring with a trusted author from that house and meditating a bit, I e-mailed the editor to notify her of my acceptance. I feel this is a good decision, one that will hopefully prove beneficial to me in the future. I've read a number of Loose-ID titles and have worked with authors published there, and have yet to hear a discouraging word. I'm already planning a second submission for them.

Second, our house is growing. Phaze's parent company, Mundania Press, LLC, will assume ownership of Awe Struck eBooks in 2009. As I understand it, sales and finances are not the primary factor, but the present owners of Awe Struck have chosen to retire from publishing. Rather than close up shop and leave more eBook authors orphaned, they approached Mundania about taking over the day to day business. I think that's wonderful. In a time where authors have become weary of trying to replace victims of imploded houses, this is a good example of what can happen when you plan ahead.

Now, this doesn't mean that all Awe Struck titles will become Mundania/Phaze titles. Awe Struck will continue to exist as a separate imprint under the Mundania umbrella. Nothing will really change except ownership, and all Awe Struck authors will also be considered in-house with Phaze if they wish to submit. I think what's good about this acquisition is that where Mundania's strengths lie in sci-fi and fantasy and Phaze in erotic romance, Awe Struck does a good business in non-erotic Regency romance and inspirationals. So it would appear we are becoming very well-rounded.

As for goodbyes, we have a few. Not me. I may have accepted a contract with another house but Phaze is the first "place for my stuff" as Carlin would have put it. No, after some deliberation with Phaze staff and considering the future of Phaze releases, we have decided to retire the Themed HeatSheets after the R sheets are done in 2009. There are a number of factors behind this decision, none of which involve sales. To be sure, some of our themed sheets sell extremely well.

We have decided we would like to concentrate on taking on longer works and building up other lines like Phaze Rocks and Urban Phaze, and perhaps adding more lines along the way. Stories going forward would get original covers (though we've had some nice theme covers over the years) embossed with a line's logo. The Phaze Rocks one is awesome. Debi did a great job on it.

And, little one finally used her potty for number two. True to my word, she got the Cinderella costume I promised. Forty bucks and it's a size 6T, so that's Halloween for the next four years. She'll be wearing it to DragonCon, I'll be the evil stepmother. Bwaha.

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