Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Today's Chocolate

Today's chocolate is the Vosges d'Oliva Bar - 33% cocoa butter white chocolate (single origin Venezuala) with kalamata olives. I love white chocolate, if it's done with the right consistency of cocoa butter so as to taste creamy without being too sweet. I also love kalamatas, the salty tang and chewy texture of the skin. I could pop them like grapes. So it should be no surprise that I've been looking to try this Vosges variety. I about shrieked with joy when I found the bar at Biagio in DC.

The texture of the bar has a nice sheen to it, and the buttery aroma releases nicely - not too pungent or sweet. Kalamata bits are speckled throughout - from a distance one might think it a cookies and cream bar, of course the first bite tells a different flavor. The kalamata is generously spread, providing the right amount of saline flavor to complement the cocoa butter. It's not an overpowering olive taste, either, and it doesn't linger. It will make you thirsty, however.

This is the only white bar in The Stash right now. For the sake of comparison I'll have to pick up an Endangered Species white from the bookstore on campus, or maybe see if the Heritage store has anything good. An organic white would be very interesting to try.

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