Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Today's Chocolate

After a few days of repeats, I broke into my E. Guittard single-origin 61% Tsaratana bar. This is semisweet, and I can readily detect it on the palate. It misses the sharper tang of darker chocolate and the cream texture of light milks, but the flavor is remarkable and mild at the same time. I don't feel overwhelmed by aroma or flavor here - the taste seems to stay only as you eat, than fades into a nice memory rather than leave a sticky aftertaste. So, it's a bar to enjoy in the moment. Perhaps with the next giveaway I'll offer up some of these bars as the prize.

You have entered the Chocolate Giveaway, right? Deadline is July 20. Don't delay in sending an e-mail entry form or commenting on the blog.

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