Friday, July 18, 2008

New and Improved Dareville book trailer

As part of my advertising package with The Romance Studio, I get ad space for a book trailer. The Dareville trailer I've had on YouTube needed updating, so it's been lengthened to include the updated cover for Double Dare, and the covers for Dare to Dream, Daringly Delicious, and Daring Red. I figure it should me until the next wave of stories.

Some notes on the video: some pictures are royalty-free stock, except for the tree-lined street (which I took in Lompoc, California) and the house (which is a friend's house in San Francisco). I included them to enhance the small-town feel of Dareville. When I think of the setting, a more inland locale in Hampton Roads comes to mind, something like Surry or Smithfield. Next time I get to that area I'll take more pics to enhance the "travel guide" I'm working on.

The song, "Defenseless," was written and recorded by another friend and his now former music partner. Several months ago I'd dabbled in lyric writing, and this friend set one song to music. In the meantime, he let me listen to "Defenseless" and I just fell in love with it.

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