Thursday, July 3, 2008

Love is Murder, War is Hell, Food is Good

Many moons ago I applied to be a panelist at Love is Murder, an annual romantic mystery conference held in Chicago. It's an event I've been trying to get to for a while, since my sister lives close by and it seems like a good place for me to hawk the Ronnie Lord books. I applied and had forgotten about it until yesterday when I get a call from one of the organizers inquiring about my interest. So it appears I will be putting in an appearance in Chicago this coming February. I'll pack warm.

I was asked how I heard about the con, and explained my sister tipped me of when she saw some flyers in a local mystery bookshop. I also noted that my sister works for a three-initial government agency, and now they want HER to be a speaker! Taken aback, yes, but then I got to thinking about the great promotional opportunity here. An expert in the field and a publisher looking for such works...we could tour the country in a van!

Heh. Anyway, here is how my 2008-2009 is shaping up:

August 2, 2008 - Mechanicsville, VA - Hanover Book Festival BOOKED

August 29 - Sept 2, 2008 - Atlanta, GA - DragonCon BOOKED

September, 2008 - Norfolk, VA - Town Point Book Festival PLANNING

September 26-28, 2008 - Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Book Festival PLANNING

October 4-5, 2008 - Collingswood, NJ - Collingswood Book Festival CONFIRMED

November 8, 2008 - Williamsburg, VA - Fantasies By the Sea Conference PLANNING

February 6-8, 2009 - Chicago, IL - Love is Murder Conference INVITED

March, 2009 - Las Vegas, NV - EPICon 2009 CONFIRMED

March 12-15, 2009 - Los Angeles, CA - Romance Slam Jam TENTATIVE

April, 2009 - Orlando, FL - Romantic Times Convention PLANNING

April, 2009 - Los Angeles, CA - Romance Slam Jam TENTATIVE

May 28-31, 2009 - New York City - BookExpo PLANNING

I'll attend some as a conferee, some as a guest/publisher. Gonna be a busy year no matter what.

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