Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Excitable girl, they all said

A response came back on Excitable Gals from a publisher - a renowned house in romance circles. Outlook appears to be positive, but as I had anticipated there is concern about taking on a reprint from a non-house author. Do I have anything new, I'm asked. Well, there is an M/M novella in progress that, while not related to past works, features a minor character from Surveillance. The character maintains a minor role as a go-between for the two heroes in the tale, and might even reference some Dareville folks given the themes in the story. However, I don't anticipate finishing it immediately, but it appears I might have to.

I don't mind, I prefer to clear the inbox as much as possible, but I still have to work on Daringly Delicious which has a set deadline, and I really want to get back to work on my mystery. Then again, doors like this don't open every day.

So I will tread cautiously and see what options are available to me after RWA, which is when I should expect to hear more. In the meantime, a bit of Hawaiian chocolate will calm the nerves.

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