Monday, July 7, 2008

Equal Time

I dearly need to pound the virtual pavement to plug Why, Why, Zed?, yet duties as a publisher compel me to give equal props to the other wonderful releases at Phaze this week. It is a rather diverse collection of titles in terms of length, from the super short to the epic novel. Fantasy, contemporary, and anthology are the topics of the week as we introduce the latest additions to the catalog:

A Change of Pace - Michelle Houston: Michelle is perhaps one of our most prolific authors. Her diversity shows in the selection she has with Phaze - stories range from hard F/F science fiction to mythology/contemporary mash-ups, to simple reunion romance. Change represents the last - it is a short-short about a woman bored with her routine, looking to shake things up a bit. An unscheduled stop by a police officer for speeding seems to be the ticket to changing everything.

Seasons of Blisse - Victoria Blisse: I had a similar idea for the Dareville universe - a collection of short erotic works, each set on a different holiday and season. While Victoria beat me to it (and did it rather well, you'll have to check out the Halloween stories for some chillingly delicious romance), I might revisit the project later. For now, this is a great collection celebrating the change in seasons, in passions, for women of all sizes.

Last Chance for Love- Brenna Lyons: Fans of the Kegin series by Brenna will be happy to know it is coming back in style. This is an epic story to keep you enthralled for a while, but don't worry if you go through it too quickly. There are more stories coming soon after it.

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