Monday, June 2, 2008

Yesterday and Today's Chocolate

Yesterday we made the trek through the tunnel to Trader's Joes, one of my favorite grocery stores. Unique, organic, can find it there, but you can't find a Trader Joe's near me. Rumors have abounded for years about putting one in our area, but I'm beginning to think it's the work of a sadist who's sending out these press releases.

While there, though I said I'd curb on buying chocolate until I whittled down the stash, I did get a bar of Trader Joe's brand organic Super Dark (73%), which was pretty good. I had only a square with Last Night's wine, the flavorful Cardinal Point Quattro - a blend of four whites that I'm definitely picking on the next trip to C'Ville. As memory serves, it didn't seem as rich as the bit of Equal Exchange Very Dark (71%) I'm having right now. This chocolate feels smoother going down and less tangy - the TJ bar is at home, so I'll need to compare labels to see if I can pinpoint the difference. EE claims origins in Peru and the Dominican Republic, not sure where the fairly traded TJ bars hail.

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