Thursday, June 26, 2008

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Drug Dealers?

Got the ultimate writer's care package from a friend today - a box of chocolate. Yes, it might appear I've been slacking in my regular chocolate reviews, but I've really been trying to whittle down what's open before I break into more stuff. The stash remains plentiful, and the aroma of cacao makes for a nice calming scent during the workday. But I just might have to dip into something from this latest delivery.

Here's what I got today:

Chocopologie Bar - Burnt Caramel and Hawaiian Sea Salt (71% dark, single origin Ecuador) - might have to try this one today

Santander - 65% dark, single origin Columbia

Nestle Carlos V - milk bar, guessing this is solid - this is a Mexican chocolate, but I'll soon find out if it has that cinnamon kick I'm used to trying in candy from that region

Frey Supreme Citron and Poivre - dark with lemon and black pepper
Vosges Black Pearl - 55% dark, with wasabi, ginger, black sesame seeds - this one I've sampled before and I loved loved loved it
Last but not least, the Eve Kitten Chocolate and Rose Petal bar from Knipschildt, looking like something on a Phaze book cover. Seems almost appropriate for an erotic romance author to receive such a treat. Might have to buy more as giveaways one day.
So stay tuned later on to see which delight will get me through the afternoon.

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krispykreme said...

Carlos V is just a sugar bomb. Not much cacao content. Its best to dissolve the little bar in a half cup of strong coffee and add lots of cream, Abuelita-style.