Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What's that sound, everybody look what's "coming" 'round

It's been so difficult to keep a lid on this news, but as it appears we are near the home stretch I think it's safe to announce my transition from author to voice talent. That's right, the first of the Phaze Audiobook releases are pending, and both titles are mine! No release date is set, as the audio is currently in post-production, but soon you will have the chance to download or buy on CD your very own copies of Jack of Hearts and Double Dare!

Isn't this an awesome cover, too? I love the "rabbit jack"! We're just in the beginning stages with it, but with success we hope to see more titles recorded for sale. The first two are shorts, but I believe both come in just under an hour recording-wise. As I understand it, the first Mundania Press audiobook clocked in at ten hours! Of course, it would be wonderful to see some Phaze novel-length works available in this format, too. I imagine unabridged versions will be equally lengthy. Still, we need a minimum of titles to get into (and they do sell erotic romance and erotica), so we'll see how it's received.

As audio rights to all Phaze books belong to their respective authors, I couldn't tell you what will come next. Jack of Diamonds will likely be my next venture if the first book does well, and after that I'd like to tackle Truth or Dare maybe Why, Why, Zed? to offer something current. I'm looking for a new mic for my "studio", one that will lessen those sharp inflections - popping Ps and such.

Now all I need to do is remember all my college German for translation and I'm really in business!

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