Thursday, June 26, 2008

Today's Chocolate

So I caved and cracked this open. It's been a rough past hour, all will be revealed soon.

How could I not want to immediately try something so unique and exotic? Yet, for the name and presentation, this thick, sectioned bar comes packaged in simple plastic. The bar I have is pretty much the same as pictured on the Knipschildt site, with the burnt orange cross seeping across the dark cacao. Breaking one row reveals a stiff yet still gooey ribbon of caramel filling. The first nibble brought forth the sharp sour tang of the salt - I should have bit deeper for a better inaugural taste. Further exploration gave the impression that the bar has hollow points, or is "assembled" and not quite meshed together when the caramel filling is added. The salt permeated most of the bar I tried, overpowering the caramel and chocolate at points. If you like savory flavors with your chocolate, this is a good bar for you.

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