Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Today's Chocolate

I felt entitled to try something new today. Last night I was sick as a dog - a 24-hour bug that left me burning up and immobile. I have no idea what caused it, it might have been a bad meal, though I haven't had any tomatoes of late. I imagine if I caught the salmonella, though, I wouldn't be typing now.

I opened the Starbuck's Mocha Dark chocolate bar for a taste. I don't know the cacao percentage, but the coffee used is the Starbuck's Guatemala Casi Cielo, which offers a pungent aroma and flavor to this bar. Each bite is grainy with the ground beans, but it doesn't wholly distract from sharp tang of the chocolate. The actual bar design is attractive, with embedded cacao beans, plants, and curvy lines. It does make it a challenge to measure pieces of the bar, but I broke off the smallest ones for this afternoon. If the rest of the day passes without my getting sick, I'll consider it a great one indeed.

Because I lost a day feeling like crud, I'll touch more on recent Phaze stuff and a long post I've planned on eBook publishing in the near future.

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