Thursday, June 12, 2008

Open Windows

It would appear a new house called Parus Press is stepping in to take over Tiger Publications. That's what I gather from the blog post, but I'm guessing not every book will be acquired. Here's hoping we'll see Parus in springtime.

Bookshare distributes books to people with diabilities, primarily the sight impaired. I'm contemplating giving them permission to use the Ash Lake books as they see fit - it would be neat to have Braille versions out there. I'm informed they accept steamy stuff, too, and I own the Braille rights to the Leigh Ellwood books, so there's another avenue of promotion.

Thanks to a friend's help, I can now use the speech recognition software on my laptop, so that will make transcribing Dare To Dream easier. Only thing is, it doesn't recognize naughty words. You should see the results when you cuss into the mic. Shift. Cliff. Heh.

Speaking of speaking, I expect to finish the audio version of Jack of Hearts by month's end. I'm really excited about this project. If it takes off, I'll work on Jack of Diamonds, then Jilted, since they are both short. Eventually I'd like to have my longer works done.

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krispykreme said...

For speech recognition to recognize the naughty bits, you need to go to Tools, Add/Delete Words, and add the word, and record its pronunciation. That way your works won't have truck, koch, and percy in them :)