Monday, June 2, 2008

Come Together...Right Now...

The long-awaited Coming Together With Pride is finally here, in e and print from Phaze Books. I don't have a piece in this volume, but I've previewed it and have to say it's one of the best yet. An amazing collection - not all stories are GLBT, but are connected through common themes of love and devotion. It's a great book to buy for a great cause.

It's a phenomenal week for Phaze releases (I think all weeks are phenomenal, but that's just me. I hope it's not only me, though.) The second Pentacles of Magick book by Eliza Gayle is out. The Burning is a steamy follow-up to The Bonding, the focus being on the second of the sexy Scott brothers - male witches in search of their true mates. If you haven't gotten into this series yet, get in on the ground floor with The Bonding first, then hold on tight for The Healing (I like that title for some reason. Hee.)

Mychael and Shayne have a new one with us, too, Through the Dark. It's a different direction for the duo - this one being an Elizabethan-era set werewolf novella, wholly M/M and really hot. I think, too, there is a sequel in the works - we'll see if we can get one out them anyway! Last but not least, Jamie Hill adds to our geography with a Seattle story for Phaze Urban, Giving Chase. Lots of manlove and angst. A great companion to the other Urbans that are out now, if you want to start a collection.

And yes, if you're curious, there are some het Urban stories in the works. Windy City Love Affair (Chicago) by Jane Leopold Quinn is coming, as is In Control (Dublin) by Ava Rose Johnson. Christine London is working on Before We Say Goodbye (London), too. As for my Why, Why Zed?...I hope to have it finished tonight!

I had a great booksigning experience Saturday at the Norfolk Barnes and Noble with Bridget/Crystal and Monique/Yvette. We each did very well, and I sold out of Pithed! That's never happened to me before, I'm still riding the high. The erotic all around didn't move so well that day, though Bridget sold lots of Fascination Street during her last gig there. Maybe next time it will be different. I think it's a sign I need to write more mystery, and I do plan to remedy that.

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