Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yesterday's Chocolate

Monday being a holiday, I didn't get online much. Monday is now designated as my writing day, so I spent what little computer time I had working on Why, Why Zed?, which now has a release date of July, 2008. So I'll be stepping up that project before I move to the next, Daring Red. YYZ is going to be a short, probably under 10K, which is good because all Phaze Urban stories are going to print in anthologies, and I expect this one will be paired with the 3 M/M Urbans we have out now.

Anyway, while at the Heritage on the Oceanfront I noticed a sale on Equal Exchange chocolate bars, and I picked up the Organic Very Dark (71%). Can I just say, yum? This was a very smooth bar with a rich flavor that didn't have that bitter tang of other darks I've tried. I don't if being organic makes the difference in taste, but definitely I'm kicking myself for not getting more bars while they were on sale.
Speaking of chocolate, I saw that Pier One now has a display of chocolate from around the world. I was tapped out, otherwise I would have stocked up, but I noticed they have a nice selection of New Tree bars which I'd like to try. I'm sure they'd taste great in that papasan chair Little One adored so much. She buried herself in the pillow and wouldn't come out. I know what she's getting for her birthday.

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