Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We are all going to die.

Have a nice day.

Seriously, I'll try not to make this a depressing post, just one to help put things into perspective for those of you who might have been feeling down lately. Last night one of our science channels ran a "mockumentary" on the state of the world after a comet / tsunami / polar ice cap disaster, complete with the three-part harmony and Buck Turgidson hoarding bikini girls into one of our deeper mine shafts (Google it). I like a good horror story, but I hate watching those things, because you know you are powerless to prevent something so cataclysmic. Then you really start to wonder how much the government is hiding from you, whether they know via NASA if something big and round is hurtling through space to pound us, and then you waste valuable time blogging your fears rather than living your life.

Somebody forwarded this video to me. It shows all the major planets and a few select celestial bodies to scale, side by side. I post this in particular to my author friends who might have experienced recent setbacks, be it a snarky critique of a book or cover art, an unkind rejection from a publisher, or any of the garden variety comments from readers and bypassers that, while probably not intended to be mean, sure sounded that way.

Did you see it? Earth is but a pinprick in the universe. Consider, too, that we are pinpricks on the Earth. You might feel insignificant by watching the video, but you know what? So are all your detractors.

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