Monday, May 12, 2008

Today's Chocolate

New moon post to come, but now here's today's sweet. I hit the mother lode (no pun intended) on Mother's Day and was gifted with an incredible chocolate selection - thank you, sweetie! Though I said I'd finish off what was already open, I couldn't wait and dove into my mini bar of Vosges Creole, 70% dark Sao Thome with chicory and cocoa nibs.

First off, you can smell the difference of this chocolate compared with other darks. This has such a rich aroma which I imagine is associated with single origin chocolate. It seems stronger than a Lindt I have of the same percentage, anyway. Texture-wise, it isn't very glossy, and the bottom is raised to show evidence of the coffee and cocoa bits inside. The flavor of chicory is strong throughout, grainy with each bite as the bitterness of the chocolate melts around it. Unfortunately, I don't any more Moonstruck Espresso Bar for comparison, but I would definitely say each holds it own in taste and texture. Great way to start the week.

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Katherine said...

Vosges has great bars, exotic as well as more traditional. One thing to remember with the cacao percentages is that some bars could have more cocoa butter and less of the actual cocoa solids - so a 60% Valhrona would probably taste darker than a 60% Guittard bar. Cocoa butter contributes to the smooth, creamy mouthfeel, but makes chocolate bars taste slightly less "chocolatey".