Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Today's Chocolate

Today's chocolate is a miniature square of Ritter Sport Nugat, a milk (about 42%) with a creamy, somewhat chewy hazelnut center. It's not a "nougat" filling like you would expect in a Snickers bar - in fact, it also says praline on the package but it most definitely refers to the flavor and not the texture. There are crunchy bits in this piece, but a smooth, strong nutty taste that complements the chocolate. A bit too sweet, perhaps. I'm glad I have only a small square of this and not a whole bar to last a while. It's good, but one would really need to crave hazelnut to eat more than an ounce of this.

I forgot to mention this weekend, too, we tore through a 55% dark Chocolove bar at the wine festival. Good pairing with some of the merlots we tried. We brought along a 65% plain dark too, but that is untouched. Well, it warped a bit in my purse from the heat, but it's still good. A little morphing never hurts a candy bar. Hopefully some of the calories disappeared along the way.

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