Thursday, May 15, 2008

Then the Whippoorwill of Freedom Zapped Me, Right Between the Eyes

Yet none of it landed on the car.

Tomorrow I'm off to enjoy some Philadelphia Freedom, and if you're in town this weekend you should drop by the Philadelphia Book Festival. I will be signing copies of Pithed, Phaze Fantasies Vol. 1, Daring Young Man, and Truth or Dare. Thought I had some copies left of Dare Me, but I'm running low. Anyway, I'll be there with Alessia Brio, Bridget Midway, Robin Slick, Tilly Greene, Stella Price, and Cat Johnson, along with other authors making up the grand East Coast Authors table. We're going to have candy and tiki torches and places to sit, maybe a neck rub if we're feeling generous. I understand, too, we have prime signing territory: Booths 29-30 between Wood and Callowhill on 19th Street, near the Free Library entrance where the restrooms are. Lots of foot traffic!

I'm excited. I've not been to Philly before. We've talked for years about making a weekend trip up there, but of course life gets in the way of those plans. I've worked plenty of book fairs before, but none of this scale. I don't count BEA because that is an industry event, not necessarily for readers. Events like these, I find, are good for helping me overcome my introverted nature. Part of being a successful author is being a good salesman, and if I can't get excited about my books, a reader certainly won't.

If you can't make it this weekend, we'll be back nearby around October for the Collingswood Book Festival in Collingswood, NJ. Maybe by then I'll have the massage chair out.

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Alessia Brio said...

It'll be my first time in Philly, too! :)