Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Saints Are Marching Again

Good news. Saints Preserve Us is once again singing in the vestibules. This book is available in eBook and print formats from my own imprint, DLP Books, via You can click here to order today.

Saints is a cozy, non-erotic mystery I had with another publisher and pulled when I took over Phaze, along with its sequel Pray For Us Sinners and my first book, the inspirational Little Flowers. I am reviving the mysteries on my own as motivation for continuing in the genre, with work on a new book independent of this series in progress. If so inclined, I may pursue the third book in this series that I abandoned, Deliver Us From Evil.

So why did I go the self-publishing route with these, when I could have tried with another pub? Well, there are a number of reasons. For one, I wanted control over these books, as I plan to market them primarily through personal appearances I have booked over the next few years. Also, the word count prohibited me the first time from approaching NYC mystery pubs (it was under, and I really couldn't expand without making it look like unnecessary padding), and ePubs primarily want steamier romance because the market is better for those books. Mystery readers like print books, too, and were I able to move this elsewhere there is no guarantee I'd make it beyond eBook format.

This way, I have a print book in hand I can take to book festivals and signings and mystery cons. The book will be made available via so well-wishers can buy it there (though I get more royalties if you go through Lulu, hint).

Just to clarify, too, I'm not starting a new company. This is only an avenue for two, possibly three books of mine. With new works written as L.K. Ellwood, I'll try to get my foot in the door at other places, too. In the meantime, I hope you'll try this one out. Blurb is below:

Where's Lorena Alger? This is what everyone in Ash Lake, Florida is asking about their most famous resident...a young girl about to be canonized as a saint, a young girl who hasn't moved from her grave in over 150 years. Now she is gone, and her grave is now occupied by the fresher corpse of the cemetery caretaker.

Great grandniece Ronnie Lord is determined to aid the town sheriff in Lorena's safe return. She finds it isn't an easy task when obstacles like a nosy reporter and stubborn relatives get in the way. Meanwhile, as an object of ransom tucked away in a single-wide trailer belonging to two petty thieves, Lorena is in for the adventure of her...well, death.

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