Monday, May 12, 2008

New Phaze of the Moon on Monday

Here's what's new from Phaze this week:

True Hollywood - James Buchanan

I've talked about this one before. Great fun to edit, and M/M fans will find it great fun to read as well. James is a great chameleon of a writer who can hop from historical fantasy (as with the Lutin series with Phaze) to interracial romance (the Cowboys) to a true slice of life vignette as this. If you prefer prints, this will be out eventually with a collection of M/M Phaze Urbans. Need to collect the right combination.

Head Over Heels - Jamie Hill

Jamie is another prolific talent, having written steamy M/M stories and menages for us. This is a contemporary het romance, complete with love at first sight, jealous would-be suitors, and family secrets. This is the longest work of Jamie's we have so far. If you have enjoyed our current contemporaries like Jayelle Drewry's, you'll like this one.

The Big 4-Oh - Beth Wylde

Beth is new to Phaze, but hardly a beginner. REC named her F/F Author of the Year, but for Phaze she delivers a raunchy, at times funny het with a bit of group "therapy" thrown in. This was originally a 39 and Holding sub, but Robin singled it out to me for standalone release. With this cover, it certainly shows!

If you enjoy Beth's work, you'll hopefully be seeing more of her at Phaze. More news on that later.

Against the Current - Christine London

Trying to remember if this was a Force submission, I believe it was. Most of our works have evolved from HeatSheet contributions. What I like about this story is the characterization, Christine seems to have a gift for creating people who are real, and putting them in real yet compelling situations. This is one of her shorter works with us, but it's no less enthralling.

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