Monday, May 5, 2008

New Phaze of the Moon on Monday

Here's what is new from Phaze, erotic romance, this week:

Caught - Marie Rochelle

This is the first of a two-parter from one of Phaze's more popular authors. This title is a bit different from Marie's other Phaze offerings. Where her current and future works with us tend to focus on relationships and conflicts involving acceptance of interracial romance, Caught is more suspenseful. This is also an interracial, centered on a woman trying to prove her innocence in a string of jewel thefts. Her persuer actually becomes the persued (by her) in this installment. This is the first of our Outlaw line, and the only interracial in the line so far.

Gold Fever - Missy Lyons

Missy is starting to show a nice prolific nature to her writing. With Phaze she has an urban fantasy, a contemporary BDSM, a menage, some poetry, and a wild over-40 erotic piece in our 39 and Holding anthology. Here is an historical western - The Odd Couple with a gold mine. I believe Missy had sent this as a possible Frontier piece, but we contracted for an extended work, which offers a nice sense of place and tension between her hero and heroine. It gets a bit wild toward the end, but what do you expect from the untamed West? ;)

From the Shadows - Jae Knight

Here is an ambitious debut work, an epic vampire romance that takes the reader from turn of the 19th century decadence to present day passions. I must admit, as much as I treasure all of our authors, I have a soft spot for our first-timers, and I was pleased to have received this submission from Jae. Vampires and urban fantasy are a strong genre for us, and I look forward to introducing readers to this fascinating piece.

The Invaders - Gregory L. Norris

IIRC, The Invaders came to us originally as a submission for either a themed sheet or an anthology. However it landed in my reading queue, we decided to let it shine on its own. This is our first M/M science fiction work that isn't a vampire story (not counting Tombstone Ranch by Shayne Carmichael, which is also part-historical). It's also contemporary, lending the story a unique feel in contrast to our other M/M works. Gregory is already a fairly known name in science fiction, having written for the Sci-Fi Channel, among others, and with this remarkable piece it would be wonderful to see him cross genres into greater success.

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