Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Here's what's cooking at the Phaze Phactory:

True Hollywood - James Buchanan

I tell you, I am really digging the Phaze Urban line. When we first proposed it I couldn't believe how excited our authors were to contribute. We still just have the one out now (Detroit), but expect a slew of other cities soon. James' True Hollywood is short, but it's so real. James is from the area and knows his stuff - this is a hot littler number about stuntmen who really do all their own stunts. Even with the length, the characterization is pat and the dialogue so natural. This is could almost be a short film in itself, and it's a nice glimpse into a part of the film industry we don't get to see often. There's a bit of social commentary in there, too, which will definitely resonate with some of us writers.

39 and Still Holding - Robin Slick, ed.

I still remember when Robin bemoaned the lack of solid erotic fiction featuring over-40 heroines. I don't think she expected me to offer her the opportunity to edit such a book. Here we are now with a second volume ready to go because so many authors had sent in work for consideration. This is an amazing collection, too. We have a few in-house Phaze folks in the mix (Kate Burns for one) and a few established writers from elsewhere: Donna Storey, Barbara Foster, N.L. Belardes, Greg Boose. Our cover girl even has something going in this one. Really looking forward to this release in June. The first volume received quite a bit of press in Cali, and with the Sex in the City movie due in a few weeks, it's time to proclaim 40 as the new sexy!

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