Thursday, May 29, 2008

13 Dares

I'm feeling a bit dry in the well with regards to posting ideas, so I'll tip my hat to the Thursday Thirteen and see if I can come up with at least five. As I am in a writing mode this month, this topic will concern book titling - namely for the Dareville series.

At present, there are three full length Dareville novels out with Phaze, plus two shorts, and a supplementary short. All but the supplemental (Dulce) include "Dare" in some form in the title. We have:

Truth or Dare
Dare Me
Daring Young Man
Dare to Dream(forthcoming)
Double Dare
A Winter's Dare

Of all my books, these stories sell the best, more so than my M/M romance, which surprises me since, with other authors I know, it's the other way around. Their het suffers and the gay skyrockets. Well, I like the Dare stories, too, and could feasibly write them forever. I can always blame urban sprawl for the influx of new characters and situations to write. Of course, I'll need titles, and trying to use one word to tie them all together can be challenging.

So, for my Thursday Thirteen, I'll attempt to come up with possible new titles for this series, maybe a hint to get me writing in the future. One day I'll have to set up a contest for readers to suggest combinations that have escaped me.

Get out your wallets and sit back for the next (hopefully) installments of Dareville:

1) Daring Red - I've actually started work on this one. The storyline will run concurrently with Dare To Dream and will center around Jared (from Truth or Dare, he worked in Brady's building...then on Brady) and Red, Jake Marbury's son and J.J.'s brother. This will be the first all M/M Dareville story, we'll see how that work.

2) Dare Devils - I have a story in mind for this, featuring minor players from Dare to Dream

3) Where Angels Dare to Tread - Sounds inspirational, but I like the way it sounds. Don't know what I'd do for it

4) A Dare For All Seasons - This was a proposed holiday anthology, shorts set at different times of the year. I had it mapped out, but Phaze is doing something similar with Victoria Blisse (Seasons of Blisse). I might still do this, though.

5) Delicious Dare - Maybe another story centered around the grocery. Pastry chef finds fun things to do with the whisk...

6) Deadly Dare - I toyed with doing an erotic murder mystery set in Dareville. Couldn't bear to kill of anybody, however.

7) Scareville - Proposed Halloween story, possibly for Phaze's Raven line.

8) Daring Diva - This came up for an idea I had for the Coming Together: At Last anth, an I/R featuring Cal Briscoe's band singer, who is African American. Don't think I'll make the deadline for that, but I may still do it.

9) Dare's Woman - An idea for an historical Dareville, a prequel to A Winter's Dare featuring the woman of Dare House. This would be an all F/F romance. If I write it, I may offer it for free.

10) Handle With Dare - Punny.

11) The Daring Dozen - Group sex? Dunno.

12) Dare Not Speak - Would have been an alternate title for the F/F.

13) By the Chimney With Dare - Ho ho ho.

Okay, the hard part's done. Now to write.


Jennifer McKenzie said...

Are you done yet?
How about now?

What about NOW?

LOL. These look AWESOME!!!

Paige Tyler said...



My TT is at

Alice Audrey said...

Sure, have title - will write. I can understand that.

December said...

Ring a ding ding dare - with the rat pack?

LOL! Fun post!

Gina Ardito said...

Sounds like you'll be busy for a loooooong time! Happy writing.

Shelley Munro said...

How about "Dare to Win"?
You have some great titles.

Adelle said...

To Dare, or not to Dare? *wink that is the question

great titles.
Happy T13!

Bethanne said...

those are great!
it's a really good idea