Friday, April 4, 2008

Why Food?

Me Want Food?

Why you ask?

I don't really know why I picked the name. It isn't indicative of a writer's blog, yet in some ways it is most appropriate. I caught the catchphrase on an episode of 30 Rock, while flying home from Portland after EPICon. I don't watch the show, but I figured it out in the twenty minutes I did see on the flight. A female character on the show (playing the part of a sketch comedy actress) had gained a bit of weight in the off season, and a writer suggested the "Me Want Food" catchphrase to exploit. It's pretty much predictable from there: actress says no, does her own thing, it flops, she uses the phrase, she's a hit. Indicative of my life? Probably.

Anyway, now you know where the name comes from, here's why I picked it: Me Want Food. Serious, I'm hungry. I'm Sicilian, we were born with utensils in our hands. My first words were, "Pass the salt." I love food, and it loves me back so much it never wants to leave my body.

So in December, after carrying around post-baby weight for three years, I decided it was time to love different kinds of food. I'm on Weight Watchers now, and so far it's proven effective. I had hope to show off a skinnier me at Romantic Times, but it appears I won't be going (more on that).

One advantage to this program is that I don't starve. Me Want Food, and Me Get Food. Only instead of reaching for Little Debbie snacks I'm peeling oranges at my desk. Instead of Buffalo Wings I'm having leaner meats and salads. I eat what I want, only in moderation, and I don't deny myself a few pleasures - case in point, watch for Today's Chocolate.

So if I'm feeling brave, I'll post pictorial progress. No bikinis, so don't get excited.

Best, The Saint

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