Monday, April 28, 2008

Today's Chocolate

Today's chocolate is an impulse purchase made at a local shop I finally was able to visit this weekend. The Royal Chocolate in Virginia Beach is one of those places where, when you see it on the horizon, angels begin to sing and bright shafts of light bear downward in a welcoming beacon. You hear that song in your head, the one Dorothy and company are skipping to when they leave the snowy poppy field and head to Emerald City. Okay, it's not exactly like that, but pretty damn close.

When I wasn't chasing the Tyke around the shop, I found a few purchases within reason. I didn't buy any of their homemade stuff, but a few bars of the many they stock. And they have big names, too: Vosges, Joseph Schmidt, Valor, etc. I didn't buy any Vosges there, but I did sample some of the Bitter Bar they had out (ginger and wasabi) and I definitely need to get some more of that.

Anyway, today is .32 ounces of NewTree Sexy: Dark chocolate (73%) with ginger. Supposedly this offers a warming of ginger with a hint of guarana (which I've had before, it's like caffeine) for that all-natural energizing quality. NewTree's line is to offer chocolate that is good and good for you, hence the selection of somewhat healthful ingredients to ramp up the benefits of chocolate bliss. Their website has pictures of Oprah and nice presentations of the product, but I didn't know any of this when I bought the three pack of mini Sexy bars. I just thought the box looked cute, and I picked ginger because I already did a lavender bar and wanted to try a ginger one.

I could detect a faint aroma of ginger on the wafer-thin bar, but it's in the taste where it is present clearly. Even biting into the bar, I got that initial "bite", and as I let the chocolate melt the flavor came through nicely. Chewing the bar outright won't give you the same sensation, however, this is chocolate for savoring. Next paycheck I'll have to make a return trip to try the rest of the NewTree varieties available. If I get past those huge chocolate caramel apples at the shop. Oy.

Ginger, Maryann, or chocolate? What Would Gilligan Do?

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krispykreme said...

Angels singing? Shafts of light? Emerald City?!?! Sounds like one hell of a chocolate store! Makes my square of Lindt Intense Orange that I'm having today seem pale by comparison.