Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today's Chocolate

Today's chocolate is a half ounce of the Dagoba Super Fruit bar: Dark chocolate (74%) with acai berries, goji berries, and currants. This one intrigued me immediately, since I was already familiar with acai. At my former place of employment, the company attempted a sideline business selling acai drink packets online -- I had to haul 100 heavy cases of the stuff up a flight of stairs to our office, and found out after I'd left that 80% of it got trashed because it expired before it could be sold. I remember my boss (who was out the day of the delivery) laughed when he heard about my heavy lifting. I started sending resumes out that day.

Anyway, the underside of the bar is bubbled and pockmarked with what I presume to be the antioxidant berry goodness. There's a bit of currant visible in the piece I broke off, and I'm guessing the texture to be similar to that of the lavender bar. Tastewise, though, it's not bad. It's rather chewy -- even the first three small bites taken cut into some kind of filling, so I imagine these bars are pretty packed. They don't overpower the taste of the dark chocolate, surprising because I've had acai and know it to be a very strong flavor (most liken it to dark blueberries, but the acai is unique in taste. I couldn't describe it). I suppose one way to describe this bar would be as a high-end Chunky, only thinner and perhaps better for your blood.

Who wants to fall in love. I'd rather fall in chocolate. - Unknown

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