Friday, April 18, 2008

Today's Chocolate

Today's chocolate is a miniature square of Ritter Sport Haselnuss, or hazelnut, in 30% milk chocolate. I love hazelnut, particularly in Nutella, and I adore the Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Ritter bar. This bar is all the more sweeter as enhanced by the chopped up hazelnuts (in the dark bar I've tried, the nuts are whole). Being a milk bar, it does have a tendency to melt in the hand much faster, but the texture and creaminess of the chocolate don't suffer for it. A good after lunch treat.

As an aside on the Vosges Bacon Bar, a while after sampling that I got a Ged awful stomachache. Might have been I wasn't used to taking on that radical a flavor combination. Will try it again sooner and hopefully that past unpleasantness wasn't related to enjoying the chocolate.

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