Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Today's Chocolate

Today's chocolate is the much anticipated Vosges Mo's Bacon Bar - applewood smoked bacon with Alder wood smoked salt enrobed in deep milk chocolate (41% cacao). I had been looking at ordering a collection of Vosges when a chance trip to The Fresh Market revealed a selection at the candy counter. As the store tends to switch inventory often, I'll have to make a quick return trip for the rest of the flavors. Then, I had only enough for one bar, and Vosges had me at bacon.

I love bacon, it's one thing I miss dearly since starting Weight Watchers, and the idea of two favorite foods combined intrigued me. I swore I could smell the bacon through the box, despite the bar being sealed in a foil wrapper.

The texture is dark and smooth, the perforated squares smaller than other bars I've had. There is a faint bacon aroma that remains on the fingers if you hold the chocolate long enough. The taste? It's good. A tiny nibble held on the roof of the mouth releases that smoky, salty bacon flavor that, combined with the sweet of the cacao, makes for a unique treat. It's not a candy for gobbling, mind you, because you would definitely miss the explosion of flavor.
It packs quite a crunch, too. Cut into the bar and check out all the bit of bacony goodness!
There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who love chocolate, and communists. - Leslie Moak Murray in ‘Murray's Law’ comic strip
Mmmm, bacon. - Homer Simpson

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krispykreme said...

I have to get me some bacon and chocolate magic. Two things, so great on their own, must be phenomenal together. Unlike you, I can't stop at a half ounce.