Thursday, April 10, 2008

Today's Chocolate

Today's chocolate is a half-ounce of the Moonstruck Ivory Bar, which is technically not chocolate but "white chocolate" which contains no cacao. I don't normally buy white chocolate because it doesn't contain the antioxidants or flavor of its so-called cousins, but as I was in Portland and the Moonstruck display at the a gift shop caught my eye, I thought I should sample all the varieties available. Never let it be said I'm exclusionary when it comes to gourmet treats.

Like most white chocolate, the Moonstruck Ivory Bar has a very sweet taste and creamy texture. It melts like sugary cake frosting in my mouth, and leave a buttery aftertaste. It seems like the kind of confection that could be paired with something, like strawberries or raspberries, to enhance its flavor. Either way, when I placed my next order of Moonstrucks I might grab another bar of this, as it is among the better white chocolates I have sampled.

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