Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh, Oh, Oh, It's Magic, You Know...

Here's what is going on in the Production Phaze:

Pentacles of Magick: The Burning - Elize Gayle

This is the second of a four-part series I contracted with Eliza. The first, The Bonding, is out now and doing very well, and it is our hope that we will bind all the stories together for a print release. The premise, of course, centers around a quartet of brothers connected to a mysterious deck of Tarot cards. Each brother, cursed with the burden of a dark magick, must find his soul mate to relieve the curse and help destroy that which seeks to destroy them.

I've always liked Eliza's style - she writes up sexy heroes and brash heroines with whom readers easily become enamored. I like, too, that we can finally incorporate some metaphysical titles in our catalog - we don't get many incoming. I know other publishers have whole lines of stories where each title is a Tarot card, or a Zodiac sign, or a Chinese astrological designation. I understand that the idea is to entice the reader to enjoy one and be tempted to purchase all of them. That's something we strive to achieve with our themed HeatSheet line (the history of those later). However, when I took over I didn't really want to jump that bridge, and figured there were plenty of other objects we could use. Case in point...

Making Magic - Jade Falconer

I want to create a special line that didn't necessarily copy what other publishers are doing. After conferring with my top ladies (ladies on top?), we came up with the Urbans, stories set exclusively in a metropolitan setting. The authors picked up on the concept rather quickly, and many are in the works. Right now we have Angeleque Ford's Take Me As I Am (Detroit) out, which is a wonderful African-American M/M tale. Angeleque said it was her first attempt at M/M, but reading it you really can't tell. She took to the genre easily. When I first read it I could have sworn that was her forte.

Forthcoming we have Jamie Hill's Giving Chase (Seattle), James Buchanan's True Hollywood (Los Angeles), and the pictured, Jade Falconer's Making Magic (New Orleans). By some interesting coincidence, the first four Urbans are M/M stories. Not quite sure how that happened, but the Urban line itself won't be restricted to M/M stories. Jade's in particular is a paranormal tale as well, though much of that content steers toward paranormal theory than vamps and shifters. One might argue it's more metaphysical than paranormal, and I might agree. I do think, though, it will be nice addition to the line.

As for my contribution? Why, Why, Zed? is still in the works. More than likely it won't be til 2009 before it's out. Dare to Dream will come first, and YYZ - as I've nicknamed my Urban - will contain some Dareville elements, namely a guest appearance or two. YYZ, of course, is the code for Toronto's airport, and the name of the best rock instrumental ever, regardless of what the Grammy folks think.

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